The two cops entered the chief office, detective Moors, head of the department and was still working on papers even at this time of the night. After listening to them a couple of minutes, he walks out and look around. He had more salt and pepper hair and his eyes seem to look hard at you until you got to know him. It's been a twenty some years now that he was responsible of this small precinct and it was working rather well. He searched in the big room who was barely lit  because he remembered that one of his investigator walked in. His eyes stop dead on Laurie Owen. She was probably finishing her report.

"Owen come here!"

"I'm leaving soon!" Laurie didn't want to go, she had a feeling it was about work and dead was tired.

"Not yet... I want to talk to you about a new case that just arrived."

"Chef, I'm tired I didn't sleep for two days and three nights now, could you?" Laurie was a bit surprised when he said interrupting her.

"Now Owen! Now! In my office, you two also."

"Very well!" She yawn again and couldn't help herself. She stretched to try to wake up her body and mind. The chief look at her and could see she was exhausted so he wasn't about to reprimand her. If it wasn't for her tired look, she was a beautiful woman with dark auburn hair, cut short to shoulder length. A five foot seven woman with beautiful curves that she preserved with gymnastic and swimming. To show herself, she frequently wore a tight T-Shirt and jeans usually on a Friday when she would go drink a beer at the nearest bar with her colleagues. A detective for 3 yrs now, she was just getting use to the odd hours.

"There was a car accident and those two officers found that the hand breaks was cut or broken. Your the only on in and so elected!"

"Out! Out! I spend two days and 3 nights up... I have just finish this case you kept hounding me about. I need a break chief."

"It's routine Owen, maybe he had bad breaks... The car will be in our garage soon to be inspected by Max in the morning. I want you on it TOMORROW. Take the morning off."

Laurie for a moment was going to reply when she realize and understood what the chief said. He was obviously seeing that she was tired, he added.

"Go home, rest and tomorrow take that case. I want your report of the case you have just finish at the same time."

"What's the name of the victim, or maybe I don't know him or her."

"His name is Dorian Harnwell, the writer living in the limits of our little city county."

"I know where!" She look surprised. "Alright... Tomorrow then!" She turned to the officers. "Put a phone number for which I could reach one of you two." Laurie got up and walks toward the door.

"Good night Owen!"

"Good night chief!" She gave him a sign of the hand and walk out.

A couple of minutes later, she finished the report. Closed it but left it on her desk. Getting on her feet, she look toward the chief office, he had open a window and was smoking a cigar. It made her smile and at the same time yawn. Still, satisfied of the good work done, she made her way out of the building, it was raining heavy outside. She could see her Volkswagen. She didn't have an umbrella so she got ready her keys at hand and ran to it. At the wheel of her car, she put her forehead to it. A chance she didn't have to go very far to go home. She sigh and yawn so much she was drowsy.

"Another case! The fun continues! Note to self, next time, finish the report at home."