COMPILE – Mission : New Blood, Day 1

Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless – Bridge – CSO, Lt. Comdr. Yalta Schafio – 0838)

Yalta relaxed has she read science reports, they were more or less interesting, but still enough informative for her to take her minds off what was going on around her. Then, the CEO contacted her.

=^= This is Newport to any science officer senior staff please responde.=^=She tapped a few keys to open communication. “Schafio here... what is going on?”=^= Hey yah do you think you could come down to astromentrics i have done a couple things to the sensors and I want you to check them out and find out if they live up or beyond your expectations.=^= Isaac laughed.“I got a lot of reading but I can come in a few minutes.” Yalta got up and made her way to the turbolift.=^= k well hurry not to rush you but I just have lots to do and less time to do it in.=^=“I know... the same thing for everyone. I'm coming.”=^= See you soon, Newport out.=^= “Okay... I'm here. How are you?”Isaac replied with. " Im doing alright I have been up for only a couple hours and am already exhausted. Ok so lets take a look at these sensor specs. Well lets see here." They both walked over to the main consol to look at the large view screen where Isaac brought up the changes he made. "Ok well the new enhancements have been added I just tweeked them to perfection from my knowledge of being a crew mate here and from getting some specific info from my sister."“I remember... so what did you do?”"K this is what I got. Since I adapted it to our systems so specificly now if the borg lets say try to assimilate it it will take them a while heheh. Thats how specific for our systems it is now. I have been able to increase long range sensors by 14% of specifications. And clearity hasd been changed to 7% more.“That's good.” Yalta gave it a few test."But wait theres more. Short range have been changed to another 8% clear and 9% longer range. Not only this but with the modifications I have done I have changed the sensors to detect easier radiation better. And surtain particles faster. Observe. Computer bring up a secondary protocal. I dont want this test to affect the reboot shutdown I have done." The computer responded a moment later. "Action complete partial sensors have been restored without affecting shutdown activation of protocals requires an incription code.Isaac looked over at Schafio. "Activate Newport Pi Beta." The computer then said. "Code accepted." "Ok as you can see this ship over our sensor capability length of being able to detect it by 10% it works dont it. Heheh."“Yes it does.”"I thought you liked them. I made the control also more simplistic so they will be easier to use more user friendly I guess would be the term."“That's good. Until I get the answers I ask to the computer.” The touch screen worked perfectly which would be very good to guide a probe into a zone."Alright well if you have a problem dont bother me till like tomorow or something k. That would be premo because for now I gotta get on over to the armory and give some sensor changes to one of the technitions. So I gotta go."

“I don't think there will be.” She said continuing to run a few test.

Isaac got his pad and put it in his kit and closed it then waved at Schafio and walked out the opening door.

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Mission: New Blood, Day: 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(USS Relentless - Bridge CEO Lt.Sr. Isaac Newport- 09:43)Isaac walked onto the bridge from the turbo lift and looked around. Everyone was working away like busy bee's. Isaac walked past a couple people that he knew were not senior staff so didnt bother them. Isaac then saw one of the new officers on the ship."Mr.Gideon would you mind if I interupted your work and re-aligned the sensors in your consol?" Isaac noticed he was just getting to work but Isaac was on a tight schedual and nothing was gonna get in his way.(reply Gideon)Isaac skootched him over and then started to tap a couple buttons. "Sorry to do this but I just want to make sure that anything that happens we will be ready for it. The new modual that was installed onto the relentless is good Im just optimising it through your systems so everything can work even better." Isaac tapped a couple more buttons switching ways the sensors work.(reply Gideon)Isaac then went under the consol and opened a compartment. "So do you and Commadore Gideon have any relation. Cause me and her go way back I hold a great amount of respect for her and yeah I hope she considers me a friend. Because I consider her one. He then crosses a couple wires.(reply Gideon)"Oh yeah thats kool. Do you think you could do me a favor?" Isaac flips a couple switches below and then waits for Gideon.(reply Gideon)"Can you just activate the sequencer that I started up on the consol I just wanna make sure its working properly."(reply Gideon)It starts to spark down below really fast small ones. "Whoa whoa ok back it off a bit. Do it now!"(reply Gideon.)"Ok good. Sorry about that must have missed a cross check of one of the cords. Can you pass me down a laser driver please its the pointy blue one."(reply Gideon)"Thanks this should work." Isaac uses it a couple times in the sircutry and then crosses two cords. "This time it should work. Try it again."(reply Gideon)A bunch of lights activated below as the sensors were reorganising themselves. "Alright it worked." Isaac chucked as he lifted himself off the floor and looked at the consol. " Alright well you can see for yourself what I did. Now it will be easier to scan targets and detect surtain things from this consol. See for yourself."(reply Gideon)"See now you will be able to target a vessel by about 6 or 7 more degrees on your axis from wherever you must fire. Plus now you can target surtain systems on a ship easier from the interference created by the other systems. I have been able to clear it up by nearly 10%. And the targeting range has been increased by 11%. Pretty sweet ay?"(reply Gideon)"Oh and guess what else the clearness of the sensors here now can let scanners detect weapons being activated and shield signatures better and weapons and engine signatures better too. All that was enhanced from like 5-8% more variying from one to the other."(reply Gideon)"Glad you like 'em. Yeah see I wanna be a tactical and security chief myself so I would want the best I can get out of what I have too. Oh and hey we better get the first shot in when and if we run into some bad guys or I may have to replace you to show you what these modifications can really do. Heheheh." Isaac then grinned.(reply Gideon)"Yeah I know its yours for now. But I would love to have the job. Well I hope O'Brien won't mind me working on his consols because I gotta do them next." Isaac then walked away from the commander to no longer bother him and let him get back to what he was doing and then get to work on Ops.(reply Gideon)Isaac worked for a little while on the ops controls before bending down and then working underneath the ops panel like with the tactical one. Isaac used a couple tools and this time was careful not to make the same mistake as before with the tactical station. He got up and then started to work on the panel ready to shut it down if something went wrong like before. But it didnt it worked like clock work. Isaac then finished up and then closed it up to go work on the CONN station.He went over and walked by another officer before getting to the consol. Isaac worked his magic here as well. He was able to get surtain things running smoother such as quicker response time and such from the thrusters. And faster coarse corrections with the sensors. Isaac had assigned a couple teams to the hull of the relentless during this retrofitting and was in the process of making helm control just a bit better. All he knew that if he was gonna be on a ship that gets destroyed he didnt want to be on it so why not make the one hes on, better.He was almost finished punching in the last bit of the corrections in the code on how it was going to work in a simpler and quicker and better fasion. He then tapped his comm badge and said. =^= Lieutenet Zammamee and or ensign Philips to the bridge please. i would like you to examine the new modifications made to the tactical systems because Mr. Gideon couldnt he was in a hurry for a meeting or something. =^=(reply either or both)"Ok then." Isaac packed his stuff and walked over to the ready room.(USS Relentless - Bridge Ready Room CEO Lt.Sr. Isaac Newport- 10:39)Isaac walked in and no one was in the room. "Computer locate the captain."The computer responded with," Captain Wise is not on the ship.""Damn oh well." Isaac put down his crew reports of the people in engineering as well as the systems that he knew were finished on the ship so far. He then walked out the door. He got onto the bridge and pressed for the turbo lift. It came after a brief wait and swooshed open letting two more officers onto the bridge. Isaac got on and the doors closed.(reply Zammamee,Philips,Wise,Gideon, any)(posted by Isaac)

Mission: New Blood, Day: 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(USS Relentless – Bridge – TAC/SC/SFI – Lt.Cmdr Edward Gideon - 09:43)"Mr. Gideon would you mind if I interrupted your work and re-aligned the sensors in your consol?" Edward raised his eyebrow. He had only just got to the tactical consol, however as a whole Engineers were a bit touchy when it came to such things so he was going to let the young officer get to work for now.

Mission: New Blood, Day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(Starbase Odysseus – Runabout Pad – TAC/SC/SFI – Lt.Cmdr Edward Gideon - 1029) After checking the runabout’s systems and doing the preflight check Edward activated the hanger doors. Sitting silently at the helm Edward waited for the runabout to clear the interior of the station. As the Runabout reached the exterior of space, Edward looked around for a moment and then fired up the engines. As the hum of the warp reactor confirmed the runabout’s status Edward activated the thrusters and cleared the pad. Keeping his eyes on the runabouts systems Edward spoke to the Captain.

“So Ma’am, is this your first time aboard a Relentless class?” Edward enquired, with the Relentless being the first ship of her class it was a big thing for anyone to step onboard primarily because of the massive change that the ship was to your standard Federation. The Defiant class had been originally listed as a heavy escort to get away from calling what it in fact was a ship designed for war. With the Relentless and the changes to the Federation since the fall of the Alpha quadrant this need to hide things did not exist.

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“Well you are in for a treat Captain, she is the fastest in the fleet and the best armed. You will have no trouble with her. From who I have met her crew is a good bunch and should do you proud,” Edward stated trying to make small talk to make the small flight go that little bit faster.

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As the Relentless came into view with the station lighting her up even more even Edward was impressed. He was yet to have seen her from this vantage point but it had its obvious benefits. The ship was still coupled to the station for supplies and crew but that would be ending soon and they would be venturing out into the Quadrant once more. Tapping the com device built into the helm Edward spoke.

“This is Runabout Socrates, I have Captain Wise aboard. Requesting permission to dock,” Edward stated.

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“Thank you Relentless, Socrates out,” Edward stated continuing the docking procedure. Turning to look at the Captain he spoke once more.

“Well let’s hope they have rolled out the red carpet,” Edward stated grinning to himself.

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Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless – Bridge – CSO, Lt. Comdr. Yalta Schafio – 1030)

Yalta had returned to the bridge to check that connection between the astrometrics and the science console. A private message came through which read. =URGENT, Yalta... meet me in our quarters right now. Sky.=

She got up, wondering for a moment what was going on, she didn't like the feeling creeping up in her. She erased the message from her console and gave a glance at the science officer to another console. This one came and Yalta left.

(USS Relentless – Crew quarters – 1035)

When Yalta entered, she found the room in the dark. “Sky... where are you?”

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“You have news... but where are you? Why is it so dark in here?” Suddenly, Sky had grab her in his arms and gave her a kiss has he lifted her up. She was feeling vibration coming from him that he was very happy and excited. “Why do I have a feeling that you will give me a good news.”

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(USS Relentless – Crew Quarters – FO Lt.Cmdr Skylynx – 1030)

~Perfect, just perfect,~ Ryko thought. He was almost jumping up and down in anticipation, he knew Yalta would probably pass out with news this big, but he just had to tell her. Keeping his cool and pulling it off would be very hard.

He walked over to the living quarter's LCARs terminal and sent her a very small message.

/=URGENT, Yalta... meet me in our quarters right now. Sky.=\Edit

All that was left now was waiting.

"Computer, cut lights by five levels."  The lights clicked off, and Ryko sat back and waited on their black couch.

(USS Relentless – Crew quarters – 1035)

When Yalta entered, she found the room in the dark.

"Sky... where are you?" she asked, looking around. Ryko watched her, a silhouette in the doorway, reflected on the window in front of him. He stood up, walked around the couch, and stood a few feet in front of her. But in the darkness she couldn't see him.

"I got some news for you," he whispered, trying to make her think he was still a little distant.

"You have news... but where are you? Why is it so dark in here?” Yalta asked. Ryko could tell she was getting jumpy and decided to calm her down. He walked straight into the small amount of light and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her with such passion that he lifted her off the ground.

“Why do I have a feeling that you will give me good news?" she asked, blushing as he put her down.

"So beautiful..." Ryko whispered as he stroked her cheek. Then he remembered, and looked instead into her big, beautiful eyes. "Take a look at my neck," he said, pulling his collar out to reveal the extra pip.

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Ryko felt Yalta's hyperactive reaction long before he saw her, and when she quite literally leaped into his arms his face was as happy as hers, his eyes just as shiny and his heart just as light and charged with energy. Not putting her down, he swung her around and around, still in the same tight embrace, delirously happy. Both of them knew what this meant.

Now came the last step. Ryko flopped back onto the couch and she sat on his lap. Staring into her face, lit up by the stars outside, he smiled. And smiled. And smiled some more.

"Marry me," he said breathlessly. "And this time, let's not wait so long. Next week. Marry me."

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Ryko's face lit up, he pulled her toward him and kissed her.

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Mission: New Blood, Day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(Starbase Odysseus - Runabout Pad - CO - Captain Nadia Christa Wise - 1045)Gideon had asked if she wanted to take the transporter over to her ship, the Relentless. She could have done that, but, she wanted to take a look at her first command from the outside, to see the sleek lines that she had heard it had. They had left Robin's office to head down to the docking ring and to the Runabout pad. They were able to sign out the Runabout Socrates and soon were aboard with her waiting for Edward to do all the preflight checks.Nadia watched Edward as he ensured that traffic was clear before he fired up the engines to thrust them out away from the station. He seemed like a natural pilot and she wondered just what all he could do."So Ma'am, is this your first time aboard a Relentless class?" Edward enquired.Nadia smiled at him, "Are you asking me if I have ever stepped foot on a ship of this class that is the first of her kind, no I haven't. Or if I am thrilled and honored to have her as my first command, the answer is yes.""Well you are in for a treat Captain, she is the fastest in the fleet and the best armed. You will have no trouble with her. From who I have met, her crew is a good bunch and should do you proud," Edward stated."Well, if what I have read in their files are correct, then I don't think there will be any troubles either." Nadia replied as she observed the Relentless in awe. It was indeed a wonderfully shaped starship. And Yes it even looked powerful. All she could think of was that she wished Opal was there also."This is Runabout Socrates, I have Captain Wise aboard. Requesting permission to dock," Edward stated.(Reply O'Brien)"Thank you Relentless, Socrates out," Edward stated continuing the docking procedure."Well let's hope they have rolled out the red carpet," Edward stated grinning to himself.Nadia chuckled a bit, "Since they just found out that I was coming aboard, I would be surprised to see that." She stated as they finally docked.(reply from Gideon, any)(posted by Frank)

Mission: New Blood, Day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(USS Relentless - Docking Bay - CO - Captain Wise/Lt. Commander Gideon - 1055)

Edward raised his eyebrow, even though he had informed them a new CO was coming aboard and the FO had already gone across also knowing this information he did not hold out much hope of the officers being there to greet the CO. However that was not his concern. Shutting down the engines Edward was first out of his seat and opened the hatch for the Captain. Exiting first Edward looked around at the empty docking bay, removing his glasses Edward rubbed the lenses.

"Well Captain, welcome aboard," Edward stated with a little hint of sarcasm.

Nadia exited the runabout to look around to see what was in the bay. She noticed, without being a bit concerned, that there were no one to greet her. She figured it was to be expected seeing that she had not sent word ahead that she would be arriving via runabout instead of just walking to the docking bay of the station.

"Thanks Commander" She said as she walked down the latter to the bay decking. "I guess we surprised them and they probably were thinking I would enter from the station."

"Well it is just such a shame we are not allowed to flog people," Edward stated smiling placing his glasses back on.

"There are ways to flog Commander, just not the way they use to." Nadia replied as she laughed.

She was not so worried about arriving with no one to greet her as most were probably getting the ship ready for her or at the airlock. "I guess we could just head for the bridge and surprise them there, what you think, Commander?" She asked with a mischievous look.

Edward grinned and noticed yet another speck of dust on his glasses lens. This was becoming a obsession and one he was not happy with. Clenching his fists he attempted to ignore the speck that appeared to be right over his eye. Attempting to blow for a moment to dislodge it he failed and missed most of what the Captain said. However in 90% of conversations yes and a nod would be a appropriate response. Smiling and nodding Edward spoke.

"Aye Captain, we might catch some of them on the way," Edward stated.

Watching Eddy attack the speck of dust that seemed to always be hitting his glasses, Nadia had to chuckle as she replied. "Well, maybe we can catch an engineer on the way and have them check the filters in the ventilation system to remove more of the dust that seems to be floating around." She watched to see Eddy’s reaction.

Edward grinned and smiled, the Captain was observant and it was definitely observation since his mind was most of the time preoccupied with many things so emotion reading of him would be close to impossible.

"I would appreciate that Captain,"

Nadia smiled as Eddy caught that she was observing him, "Well, lets make our way up to the bridge, " she began, but, she changed her mind in mid thought, " no lets head to engineering. Do you know the way Commander?"

Edward thought for a moment, he had little chance to memorize the lay out of the ship but he had more than a inclination of the location of the engineering deck. After all in most ships it became a matter of heading to the middle.

"Yes Ma'am, this way," Edward stated gesturing towards the exit.

Nadia followed in the way that Eddy had indicated which put them into the corridor. She waited for him to exit the bay then he lead the way to engineering. They passed a few on the way, some saluted and some didn’t.

(USS Relentless - Engineering - CO - Captain Wise/Lt. Commander Gideon - 1115)

At arriving in engineering Edward looked around for the chief, seeing him tinkering at the CEO's Consol Edward spoke up.

"Lieutenant!" Edward stated rather louder than was customary for him.

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"This is Captain Wise, new Commanding Officer," Edward stated.

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"It is indeed my pleasure to meet the Officer that will keep my ship moving. Anything you need, just ask and if I can, I will get it for you. Btw, how is everything going now?" Nadia asked, she knew that the Chief Engineer was the person that kept the Ship moving and alive.

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Mission: New Blood, Day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(USS Relentless - Engineering - CEO - Lt.Sr. Isaac Newport - 1115)Isaac was deep in thought finishing up his work he was hoping to be in time for his re-schedualed appointment with O'Brien and so was hoping to finish up his work quickly."Lieutenant!" Gideon stated rather loudelyIsaac had a pad in his hand and was punching in some final numbers when he heard Gideon. It gave him a bit of a jolt from being so into what he was doing and he drop his pad. "Holy Shii..." Isaac turned around to see Gideon and the captain so he didnt finish that sentance. "Oh hi Commander nice to see you again.""This is Captain Wise, new Commanding Officer," Gideon stated.Isaac crouched down and picked up his pad. He grinned and then shook his new captains hand when he got up. "Hello captain so you are the one who will be replacing Robin. When I transferred here didnt know I would get another woman captain again. Heheh. I think finally there are as many women captains as men so Im glad to see diversity in the federation is happening well."

"It is indeed my pleasure to meet the Officer that will keep my ship moving. Anything you need, just ask and if I can, I will get it for you. By the way, how is everything going now?" Wise asked."Sure thing I just have a question. I think we have worked together before right. Have you ever worked on the old Wolfheart because Im glad to see someone I knew has finally rosen up against the ranks and is now a captain. I hope to be in a command position on a ship and a lieutenet commander on a ship by sometime soon.(reply Wise,Gideon,any)(posted by Isaac)

Mission: New Blood, Day: 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(USS Relentless - Meeting Room - MCO - Captain of Marines Jarron -13:47)Jarron leaned back into the chair he picked out. He'd finished up and put the pot of coffee on early, and had a few spare minuets before the meeting. He killed a bit of time looking though his specs on his marines, he decided a few changes would have to be made if he was going to run things. He leaned back further and was startled to see McNinja sitting in another chair of the table. Another man he didn't recognize bustled in through the door and stood behind the doctor. "I...HOW!" Jarron yelled trying to right his chair before he fell over. "I was watching the door and I never saw you come in and sit down!"(Reply McNinja)"Oh, right. Ninja." Agreed Jarron. Well, where is everyone? Theres only another ten minuets before it starts. We are in the right room, yes?"(Reply McNinja)"Yah, It wasn't like this before. Not as much red tape. When they sent us to our 'probable deaths' on Ghiek there wasn't so much as a pat on the back and a point in the direction of the transporter."(Reply McNinja"yah I didn't get the pat on the back either...Who's that by the way?"(Reply Kent)"Alright, keep looking important, and wake me up when someone gets here." Jarron leaned back into his chair, closed his eyes and started drumming his fingers on the table."(Reply McNinja, Kent, and whoever called this meeting.) Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless – Ready room – CSO, Lt. Comdr. Yalta Schafio – 1350)

Yalta walked in, Sky behind her talking to someone. She looked around and saw that others were already there. She gave them a smile and sat at her place couldn't take out the little smile off her face.

She had a padd with her and continued her reading of science reports, which was difficult. Now, nothing was going to stop her from marrying Sky, she could erase all those bad memories now. More people walked in the room, and she continued until the captain entered.

Sky walked in and put his hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squize and a wink when she look up to him.

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http:// Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless - Ready room - MCO - Captain of Marines Jarron - 14:01) Jarron watched as the doctor shifted his head to his other hand and yawn. The excitement in the room was as thick as air and their new captain was still touring the ship. ~Right, coming early was a great idea...~ Jarron grined thinking that this was about the time a tumble weed would roll past. "OK! That's it!" Jarron yelled getting up. "Doctor, how about a little challenge to make things interesting?" He said, pulling a bit of something from his jacket and unfolding it. It was a marine training target. He walked over to the end of the room and slapped it onto the wall. A small magenet held it in place.  "If I remember correctly, back on Ghiek you threw a syringe to take down an...enemy. I don't think I've ever been so impressed. Care to impress me once more?" Jarron said smiling as he walked back to the far wall. The doctor looked impassive. Almost as soon as he touched the wall he spun, sliding the combat knife from his sleave and slung it across the room. It hit dead center  but went no further then the paper and didn't even scratch the wall. "It's made of a high density material that folds easily. We were going to make the marine armor out of it but there's not enough knowen to exist. Mined dry. So I used what little I had to make this. It's survived direct attacks so far so we can keep using it for target practice. Want to try it out?" Jarron offered pulling a second knife from his boot and holding it out to McNinja handle first. (Reply McNinja)  In the blink of an eye the Doctor had reached deep into his uniform and throwen out a small star of metal. It sailed soundlessly through the air and stuck into the bottem of Jarrons knife. The knife drove further into the target, tapping the wall.  Jarron stood with his mouth open. He closed it slowly and then opened it again. "I-I..holy!" Jarron spit out. "Doctor if we had money, you would have just won all mine." Jarron walked over and tried the heave the dagger out of the target. It took several yanks.  "Where did you learn to do that?" he asked.(Repy McNinja) "I take back what I said about the Syringe on Ghiek, THIS is the most impressed I've ever been. Those talents are wasted in medical."(Reply McNinja) "Well what ever they called us here for, I hope it's worth the wait." Jarron folded the target back up and put it away. He admired the tiny ding on the metal. It was so tiny that no one would know it was there inless they saw it happen, but the fact that it was there gave Jarron the shivers. No one had ever put something that deep into the target. He didn't want to sit back down, he had a rush running through his body, he wanted to run and jump and dive and shoot. He wanted more then anything to do the impossible again. Being cooped up all day was enough to boil a marines blood. He settled for leaning against the wall and tapping his foot. While things calmed down, the crew in the meeting room once again looked to the door and waited. Who knew what would walk through that door any minuet. It could be a captain, which was obvious. But part of Jarron called out to his mind. ~Let it be the most dangerous mission we've ever been sent on! Let it be saving people and fighting emmence odds! Over all, let it be exciting!~ the other part of Jarron said out loud. "It's five past, I could use another cup of coffee." to which he recived several nods.(Reply McNinja, any)

Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(Relentless - Conference Room - CMO - Dr. McNinja - 1400)McNinja sat there waiting... and waiting... and waiting for the captain to get there and start the blasted meeting already. "OK! That's it!" Jarron shouted from his seat across the table. "Doctor,how about a little challenge to make things interesting?" McNinja raised his eyebrow to this. "If I remember correctly, back on Ghiek you threw a syringe to take down an...enemy. I don't think I've ever been so impressed. Care to impress me once more?" He watched as Jarron set up a target on the far wall. He wasn't really listening to what he was saying about the fabric. He then walked to the other side and threw a knife into it in the center. "You wanna try it out?" He said as he was about to hand McNinja another knife. Mcninja said nothing as he reached into his coat and threw a handy shurikun into the handel of the knife, driving it further into the wall. "Where did you learn to do that?" Jarron said wide-eyed. "Well, I am a ninja after all." McNinja replied, taking his seat again."I take back what I said about the Syringe on Ghiek, THIS is the most impressed I've ever been. Those talents are wasted in medical."McNinja was going to say something, but put it off."Well what ever they called us here for, I hope it's worth the wait." Jarron said."It's five past, I could use another cup of coffee." Jarron said, walking to the replicator."Oh for god's sake." McNinja said tapping his commbadge, "McNninja to captain Wise,"(Reply Wise)"Did you forget the meeting that you scheduled for 1400 hours or should we get back to our jobs?"(Reply Wise, any)(posted by Mark)

Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless - inner bowels - CO - Captain Nadia Wise - 1405)

Nadia had been enjoying here visits with the various departments talking to anyone that she could. She had gotten a lot of things that had been bothering the crew, which, she would have to look into. Something kept nagging at her mind while she moved from department to department but could not for the life of her figure what it was until her commbadge chirped.

/\=McNninja to captain Wise=/\Edit

"Captain Wise here, go ahead." She replied

/\=Did you forget the meeting that you scheduled for 1400 hours or should we get back to our jobs?=/\Edit

That is when it hit her, she had called for a senior staff meeting at 1400 hours and she was already late for her very first one as a captain and the captain of this ship. This was not a very good start for her in front of her senior crew.

"Yes, I did, please let all that are there that I will arrive shortly. And thanks for reminding me. Wise out." She finished and bit the crew that she was talking to a farewell until later then headed at a quick pace to the conference room.

(USS Relentless - Conference Room - CO - Captain Nadia Wise - 1410)

Nadia arrived the conference room, which, she heard a lot of commotion going on and decided that she would wait a moment to see if the First Officer could get them to settle down. She listened just outside the door.

"Alright, alright, settle down, boys and girls," Skylynx, her new Number One started. She liked how he sounded, confident, level headed and to the point. "As you'll no doubt have noticed, we have an empty captain's chair, and even though I did get a promotion, Its not me that will be taking you all into the wild blue yonder, as it were," There it sounded somewhat like a regret and she could understand after reading his file. He will get a ship of his own one day and be a fine captain, Nadia thought to herself. "I'd like to introduce to you today, your new CO, who i hope you'll treat with the same respect and friendship as you did for Robin,"

She knew that some in the room might feel a bit taken by the fact that Captain Wilson was being referred to by his first name and she made a mental note that she would have to discuss that with Skylynx later.

"We also have a new TAC/SC Officer, Lt Commander Ed Gideon, most of you have seen him around, but just in case, there he is," Edward looked at the first officer and smiled. "I hope the Relentless' tactical systems aren't giving you too much of a headache, chief?"

"I have been around for long enough Lieutenant Commander, I doubt I will have any real issue," Edward stated with a hint of sarcasm.

At this Nadia stood in the doorway and cleared her throat, which, Skylynx caught and nodded his head to her then announced her.

"Excellent. Well, if you would all stand," Ryko said, as the conference room rose. "I give you your new commanding officer: Captain Nadia Christa Wise."

Nadia walked slowly in, looking from one person to another, smiling at them as she programed their faces into her mind. She would have to learn who was whom rather quickly. Finally, she arrived at the head of the conference table, looking for a moment at the chair, realizing once again that it would be the first time that she would be sitting at there. It all starts now, she knew, and all eyes and ears would be planted on every action, every word that she uttered today. She hoped she was up to the task.

She then moved into the front of her chair to face everyone. "I want to extend my sincere apologies for being late a my own meeting. As I expect everyone to be on time to my meetings from now on, I also expect to be there as well on time." She moved out from behind her chair, as she was getting nervous and moving around hid the nervousness. "I have looked over each and everyone of your files, but, that was just words and I would like to have faces to the names on each file. So, " she reached her chair once again. "The first thing we are going to do is introduce ourselves, more so to me than to each other. Commander Gideon will start this off." She then sat down to listen.

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Nadia had sat there listening and nodded to each Senior member as they finished. Then she stood once again, "Thank you everyone. I will strive to remember each and everyone of you. Now to get a few things taken care of before we get into what we are going to do after today. As you know the command section took a very bad hit and lost a lot of good Officers. I am not here to take their place, I am here to command a starship and its crew. I know that many of you feel a real lost when it comes to your last captain and command staff. I hope that one day you will come to feel that way for me." She finally, once more, stopped in front of her chair.

"We seem to be a little short on command crew, so, today that ends. As I said, I have looked over all the files on the crew. For one thing, I was looking for the right person to become our new Second Officer, Lieutenant Senior grade McNinja. For you outstanding service to this crew and its ship, in addition to you being the Chief Medical Officer, you are picking up the duty as Second officer. Congratulations Lieutenant." She clapped her hands along with everyone.

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As everyone finished the congratulations, she continued, "I read all the regulations pertaining to the different positions of a starship and have not found where the captain was regulated in who they could put in the different positions. And as we do need a third officer, I am assigning Captian of the Marines Jarron, Marine Commanding Officer and now also Third Officer of the USS Relentless. Congratulations." She again clapped as did everyone there.

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"Ok, people settle down. Now, I have been informed of two things that you need to know of. First, the Relentless is about done with it’s repars/refit and we could be on our way in the morning. So, I want us to be aboard and ready to depart tomorrow around noon. And Second, Commander Gideon has informed me that there will be a promotion/new assignment party tonight. I am afraid that part of it will be in my honor. So, I want to see as many of you as can be there to show the station who we are." Nadia let that go across before starting once again. "We will be heading out to the wild blue yonder to test out the modifications that have been done. Then we report back for the final touches, any questions before I dismiss everyone?"

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Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01(USS Relentless - Conference room - CMO - Dr. McNinja - 1411)Mcninja was half listening half falling asleep when he heard from the captain, "We seem to be a little short on command crew, so, today that ends. As I said, I have looked over all the files on the crew. For one thing, I was looking for the right person to become our new Second Officer, Lieutenant Senior grade McNinja. For you outstanding service to this crew and its ship, in addition to you being the Chief Medical Officer, you are picking up the duty as Second officer. Congratulations Lieutenant.""Whaa?" McNinja said as his mind had regestered what he had just heard. "I uh... don't know what to say, but thanks. Quick question though. Do i still get to be Chief Medical Officer?"(Reply Wise, any)(Going to post this a little different for a change in celebration of those Sin City pics I so generously wroked hard on for you.)

(Relentless - Secuity Offices - ATAC/SC ZammameeI could have seen it coming a mile away, =^=Lieutenet Zammamee to the bridge please. I would like you to examine the new modifications made to the tactical systems because Mr. Gideon couldnt he was in a hurry for a meeting or something.=^=I decided not to even acnolige it and pretended not to hear it as I got up from my dusty, unkept desk. I walk the halls i always walked, waved to the people I always waved to. Down into the belly of the ship. Down to Ten Forward.I sat in my usual spot in the corner of the bar and took my usual place. I put off and restrained myself when I saw the akward glances of the crew mates drinking their drinks. The sent of cigarette smoke and perfume lingered in the air as I ordered my drink. There was something different lurking on my nose as I drank down what was left of my cheap, bitter tasting synthaholic drink. It wasn't unusual. Infact it seemed to belong there. I searched the bar, which was filled shifty civilians, and nervouse crew members. Then there she was. Sitting there like she wasn't paying attention to where she was. Sitting there talking to Gideon, or as I liked to call him, Glasses. I slowly put down my glass and began to make my way towards her. Across the sea of tables and people, there she stood. I dodged the spectators and had my tail crushed by several feet. I fought through the pain and made my way up to her.It was at this point that someone was standing on my tail and I fell right into her. For once in my life i was thankfull for the mutation of my black scales, she couln't see my embarassment. But she sure as hell could feel it.I looked into her eyes as I lay ontop of her. Her baeutiful eyes. She smelled like angels should smell. She looked at me and was waiting for me to get up. The funny thing was... so was I. I got up and helped her to her feet, "I'm terribly sorry," was all I managed to get out of my mussle. "Um.... I-I'm Zammamee" I said, not taking my eyes off her, holding out my hand in good faith. ~Smooth Zammamee, real smooth...~(Reply Briscoe)"Sorry about the fall. Uh... can I get you a drink?" Here goes nothing...(Reply Briscoe, any)Posted by Mark


Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01  (USS Relentless - Conference Room - MCO/3O - Captain of Marines Jarron - 14:18) "Well allright I guess I'll go next and get this over with, first of all I'd like to thank our new Captain for honoring me with this promotion." he said politely bowing to Wise. "As most of you know, I head the Marine division aboard the ship. For those of you who don't, Hello my name is Vincent Jarron and I head the Marine division aboard this ship. I don't know exactly how old I am, probably around 20 something, I'll have to check my bio later. Uh, I'm not human even though I look like it. I do hope to one day go back to where ever I came from, yah, I have amnesia...uh, or something like it. There was this whole mess get the picture, If you need anything you can usualy fine me easily. I'll just pass the floor to the next speaker." Jarron sat back down, making a mental note to look over his bio in detail.   (reply next speaker)O-(James)-O


Ryko decided he might as well take up the buck after Jarron spoke, and rose.

"I'm Lt. Commander Ryko Skylynx," he began. "As Yalta said, I arrived here with her through some sort of spacial -dimensional anomaly...possibly a crossover effect created by the two gateway projects, but I haven't figured that one out, but Starfleet Corps Of Scientists have taken that on as their project for the next 20 years, I think," he said, laughing a little. He glanced around the conference room at the various faces.

"I don't think there's a single person in this room who doesn't know who I am now, so I'm happy about that...always good to know who you're working with. Nothing else for me to say, aside from one thing: I'm very tall," Ryko finished, and sat down to the accompanying small guffaws.

Drew stood up.

"I'm Major Andrew Dewalt," he started. "I head up the Relentless' Advanced Tactical Marine Ops division. I was formerly the MCO but Starfleet reassigned me to be a chaparone to the still relatively new ATMOps division," he said, before seating. He still hadn't quite adjusted to Madison's....departure.

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Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless – Ready room – CSO, Lt. Comdr. Yalta Schafio – 1425)

Yalta waited until the new Chief Tactical officer and SFI had finish, she must admit that the name Gideon did gave her a chill and also a little point of anger. Also, she wonder what was the relationship between him and the Commodore. She would like to have the woman in front of her and give her a piece of her mind, it also reminded her that she didn't talk to Robin about a certain subject.

She listenned to the man, he crunch is life story rather well, she then decided to be next.

“I'm Lieutenant Commander Yalta Schafio. I arrived here with Lieutenant Commander Skylynx because of a shuttle accident. We both come from a paralle univers, and crossed to this one because of a space phenomena that interacted with the radiation trail of the Gateway your fleet created and crossed to arrive here.”

She looked at Sky and smiled. “Sky and me are going to get married. It's decided and it's a week from now, unless something or someone wants to make it sooner. We have know each other for a few years and stay together since a couple of years now. We have both similar quirks. I'm Elasean, like everybody got to know, my race in one of warriors and as a temper which is good in my line of work. I don't beat around the bush. Sky and my practice a lot in fighting program, we got a sorta competition going on. I help designed a few fighting programs. I construct also bladed weapons, it's a family tradition.

“I should add, you are all invited for the wedding... I will soon have done a memo to make it official.”

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Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless - Conference Room - FSCO - Commander Regina Wilson - 1445)

Regina hated attending meetings that had nothing to do with her or her squadron. She was glad that there was another CO so fast and this one seemed to be more of a person and not a god. She had worked under a person that has, not had, a god complex, Commodore Gideon, her mother. She hoped that she would never have to go back to the station and work under her ever again. There was one other thing that made her happy, that she was released from having to perform as one of the Ships Command crew. She was sent back, with Commodore Gideon’s blessing, to her Fighter Squadron, the Renegades.

She was happy for the two that made second and third officers, whoever they were. She really had not paid much attention to the meeting, but, she was sure that later they would assert themselves to her at one time or another. She did not mind that as long as it had to deal with her squadron and nothing else.

As she had left the meeting, the name of Gideon had brought many memories to her. She had grown up knowing that her mother had very bad thoughts about him and the time they had been married. She had been reading the POW lists that Captain Wilson had put out for relatives to find each other, for a friend of hers when she saw the name, but, she did not actually place it. She just felt sorry for him having to have the same last name as her mother. She then had heard the name of someone like him on Relentless not long ago but still had not placed the name. Then while they had been at Station Odysseus, she had found him talking to Captain Wilson. Curiosity kills the cat as they always said and she went up to him to ask him who he was. That is when she found out just who he was and why he always seemed important for some reason. As they were discussing things, Commodore Gideon had come across them talking and the look she gave them, or was it him, could have stopped a Crazed Klingon in his tracks. That is when they both waved at her and she stormed away. They both felt really sorry for the first being that crossed her path at that point, but, they both did not care what she was thinking or how she felt.

She laughed at her memories and headed on to the Squadron to inform them of what was discussed at the meeting. They had work to do and she thought that maybe she would show up at the party to talk more with Commander Gideon. Maybe Claire would be there also, she thought as she smiled.

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Mission: New blood, day 1Stardate: 2478.02.01

(USS Relentless - On way to Ten forward - SFI - Field Agent Rachel Briscoe- 1905)

After arriving at her quarters and stowing her gear Rachel had managed to select something semi appropriate to wear to meet her new crew. Finally deciding on a black dress that hugged her figure and came down to her ankles she began to make her way down to Ten Forward. So far she had only met Lt.Cmdr Gideon who seemed less than interested in protocol and the transporter chief when she had come aboard. Hopefully this would allow her to meet some of the other staff she would be working.

As all good intelligence operatives do, she had already looked at the crew roster and memorized most of their images and file information but as with all things nothing was better than first hand intelligence and meeting people in the flesh so to speak. This was her first field assignment since being promoted to Field Agent and would be the first opportunity she had to spread her wings and get to the higher levels. As a whole she would stay under Gideon for up to a year before getting senior agent and her own Chief position but that didn't really bother her. There was a lot she could learn of a 650 year old El-Aurian. Well that was still to be seen but the Commanders record showed that he had a lot of experience, as well as a few bumps with authority from the classified file she had read. Gideon had been charged with dereliction of duty and disobeyed a direct order during his time with intelligence in the Alpha quadrant and reluctantly accepted placement as the Ambassador position on Romulus. Of course as the Intelligence code went if one of your people breaks down you look after your own and ensure that he is looked after. The dereliction of his position was expunged from his record and he had quite happily wondered off into the abyss of Diplomatic duties. That was one of the things that didn't seem to sit right, why would a senior intelligence officer and more importantly an officer well respected in Starfleet accept such a placement so rapidly with out putting up a fight. However at the moment there wasn't going to be such an opportunity to explore that. As she reached the door Rachel took a deep breath and entered the room Where Commander Gideon was standing already with a drink in his hand.

(USS Relentless - Ten Forward - TAC/SC/SFI - Lt.Cmdr Edward Gideon - 19:08)

As the young woman entered through the doors Edward looked her up and down. It was no doubt the head of intelligence's form of a joke. Claire never really forgave him for his little misdemeanor when he was going of the rails and in all reality sent the young woman to keep an eye on him and to ensure he behaved himself here. The strangest thing was the fact that Rachel Briscoe looked almost identical to that woman he had the fling with all that time ago before his fall from grace. No doubt Claire was just trying to get at him in any way possible. From his conversations with Regina it was no doubt her usual tact with people that she disliked even if they were her own blood.

Claire was a complex character up until the divorce that was filed the day he left for Romulus she was a different person. After the divorce she had changed she became more closed off and cold that had obviously continued to this day from what he had been told. Regina of course was not unbiased but she seemed to be a reliable source.

"Good to see you Miss Briscoe," Edward said in the most polite tone he could manage.

"You to Commander, So if you don't mind me asking sir what is all of this in aid off?" Rachel enquired in her usual soft tone.

"Well Lieutenant Skylynx has been made Lieutenant Commander and first officer," Edward stated pointing to Skylynx. "Lieutenant Doctor McNinja has been made Second officer," Edward stated gesturing towards the CMO who was still wearing his ninja mask. "Captain of Marines Jarron has also been made Third officer. Finally Captain Wise has just come aboard and assumed command. So it is a kind of celebration and well a mixer so the crew can get to know each other and get along better," Edward stated in a sort explanation, Rachel nodded at all the appropriate times and took in all the information.

"Well then Commander, care to introduce me?" Rachel enquired tapping him on his sleeve. Edward took a long drink of his Romulan brandy until it reached the bottom and then nodded in agreement. Walking in the direction of the Captain first he approached silently and then spoke.

"Captain Wise," Edward stated.

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"This is Field Agent Rachel Biscoe, my new assistant just come aboard Ma'am," Edward stated gesturing to the young woman standing next to him.

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