The Future

The power had been cut in the entire city, for a point of reference, looks like your 21th century cities and now with the night it was under total darkness. The large moon high in the sky, casts shapes on the buildings created eerie shadows on the pavement and walls. My daughter was running, she crossed very fast the center city square and entered the University and made her way to the auditorium. From the looks of it, she didn't like to be back in that place again on the same night since she had killed certain individuals that were after her but she knew the area very well. Moments later, the door slam shut in the dark again, someone lock it down and the emergency lights finally kicked on. Something metallic scrape another piece of metal creating a cold and frightening sound. Footsteps slowly resonated in the place, it stop on the auditorium level. The man, I finally recognize from a well hidden vantage point, it was Peter Rowan, he seem annoyed and tap the floor with the tip of his sword.

“You couldn’t have gone very far Iénar. I saw you enter and heard this door close.” His eyes grew accustom to the lack of light and saw 2 level of stairs down something shinning. He look around, cautious, and took the few steps. It was a small pool of blood. “You’re hurt. It took long enough for that to happen.”

“Obviously, you like the sound of your own voice Peter.” The voice echo in the auditorium. She could see him but he couldn’t determine where it came from.

“Good, you’re not so badly wounded then.” He look all around, he was alone now and even if it was unbalancing him because she had kill 5 of his men, he remained cool. The fight and her death would be this much sweeter.

“Ah, that blood… take a few steps down and you will see who it belongs to.” She paused, waiting for the sound of his steps which were hesitant. “One of the last bounty hunters you sent after me. That was fun. Now, I'm all ready for you... I should thank you for that.”

Iénar walk out of her hiding place, she was on the podium, sword at hand, a very sharp katana. She followed Peter’s eye who fell on her arm. Her last opponent gave her a cut, nothing serious but still she had time to bandage it and stop the bleeding.

“This will be so good… I mean to kill you.”

“I’m also looking forward to this fight Rowan. I was growing tire of this cat and mouse game.”

Iénar observed him coming toward her, slowly, he was about a head taller, well build enough, blue eyes, dark brown hair, a stylish beard, and dressed like her, brown and black... now they were sizing each other. She knew she had made an impact but didn’t show it instead she showed off her 70 centimeters blade, doing a twirl which produce a sharp yet musical sound. He arrived on the podium and said taking off his coat.

“It’s where Kail usually gives his history lessons… how fitting since you will become history yourself.” with his blade, he showed around the auditorium.

“Don’t go about and think it will be easy... far from it.”

They started to fight and the clash of the sword echoed in the room. It didn't take long for me to realize and also Iénar to know they were of the same strengh. She was a little annoyed by that fact, that is when I felt a strong vibration which made me loose track of the fight. I knew what it meant and I didn't want that, Iénar had to take the upper hand against Peter and soon or... I was about to look at them fight when a blinding jold of light look in a minute later Iénar and Peter on the other side of a big room. Kail, Sean, Colin, Erin and more appeared. Peter was angry and push the others on his side, he litterally bounce out on an energy field just to help you visualise what I saw.

Kail, Colin, Erin, Sean and myself walk up to Iénar. No one was laughing and knew just to well what was going on.

“That was predictable… are you okay?” I look into her eyes before I turn my attention to her injured arm.

“I almost had him… we were in a dual at the University auditorium but I’m alright.”

“Would you have won?” Ask Sean.

“Peter and me are of equal force… the only difference would have been our endurance...”

“Better forget then, if we go to the mortal world we will have no memories of this.” Added Kail.

“There’s no if.” I look at him. “First, the test, if you are a fighter or judge. If you are a judge material… you have won, if not, you are in for a round.”

“I’m not so sure about the no memory thing. From what I learn there will be a residual. It will be a puzzle to put together.” Added Colin.

I look at the others, the force already started the process, soon it would be there turn. Time was running out fast.

“One, remember your instinct will be the most accurate, trust it. Two, remember who you love and care about, they are the pieces that makes you. Three, keep in mind, you have a mystery to solve and all the people you care, the history, is a piece. You are the only one who can put everything together… because frankly, I don't see it.” Suddenly, I disappear in front of her eyes.

“Dad!” Erin grab Iénar and held her tight.

“It’s okay.” He whispered in her ear.

Then, she witness as much the other side, the people vanishing and then suddenly she was in a strange room, laying naked on a cold marble table. It made her shiver and she was strap on it. The room got brighter and brighter that even with her eye close she could see the light. She felt a wave of warmth crossing her body and a voice told her.

“Show me everything, what you wish, your desire, the future and all.”

“That is not what is usually done.”

“True but you made a lot of good points earlier, yet it’s too late to turn back the wheels, the war is already in motion Iénar. But, if you should win, you could change everything on Peracis.”

“I’m not a judge then. I warn you, chaos will be inevitable here if we leave.”

“No, unlike your father and one of your consort. You will have to go through, just like your enemies. Even if what you said might happen, we will have to take a chance.” The voice diminish of intensity to vanish as the light of the room slowly disappear until it was pitch black.

Iénar woke up in the wheel, facing her was Peter, he was still unconscious but not his consort, Zénobie. She was looking at her. Erin suddenly appeared beside Iénar and others that she more or less knew, friends and foes alike.

“So you are not a judge or a defender.”

“My father and Colin are... we have to go throught this.”

“I'm worried... what if I don't find you... true that I will not remember, but we might go after each other without knowing that we love...”

“We love each other... like my father said. Follow your instinct, listen to it. I don't know in which timeline we will fall but we have to piece who we really are over there.”

“The light is coming.”

“I love you more then life Iénar.”

“Ah, shut up you two!” Said Peter slowly waking up.

“I can't wait to kill you Peter.” As she said that, a light stronger then the one that transported her in the first place hit her and she felt her body disintegrate into energy, then again nothingness.