Captain's log : Captain Alexandra Lowell

Stardate: 2478.05.12

Status report.

Well, it's been a long time since I wrote that sort of report. I was totally surprised with Captain Ksour's decision to put me again in command. True that the situation is highly unusual and since I read the record of my counter part in this reality. There is certain differences. For one thing, she did have a child from Drake, when as for me, he was killed when that bomb exploded. She went through the academy, her results are the same as mine the only exception was that she became captain six months later. When she met Drake again, she had just been promoted to Captain. Must have been a shock to see his son, just equivalent as my Drake learning that his son was killed. She got married to Commander Tahlmari, they had went through the same experience as Tahl and me did, and she was pregnant when she left on the Vega, just like I was. You can say, minor differences but still.

Anyway, here I am. The Omega molecule alert, a possible message of the Cochrane. I presumed that the Omega energy put the ship in a temperal flux, it would take a lot to free it if it was the case. There's an SFI ship, the USS Liberator in trouble, I put Lieutenant Perry in charge of the rescue. And of course, my enemy, Mister Black. He went through some genetic changes, seem to have as well a cybernetic arm. I guess he was angry enough to find the strengh and go through those changes. If I get a chance, I will scan him, my guess is that the Romulans did this to him. It has all the signature for it.

Right now, a good part of the crew is safe, back on Terra Nova, soon, we will be in Starbase Odysseus. I have to lure Black in there so that we face each other and get a chance to stop him at least, and if he doesn't want to be taken, well only one other option, to kill him. Don't know if I will let Drake do that, I know that we are angry enough to do that. I don't want to go that way, I mean, let our emotions get the better of us.

In a few minutes, we will be in transporter range of the Starbase, where me and part of the crew will transport there and the rest of the ship will leave to Terra Nova. I will have to excite Black's anger to make him come inside.

I need to add something to this report. I'm out of the stasis cryotub and was injected with those new ninites that the Scorpion created and we programed. Must admit that it is painful, but I will hold on no matter what. I have to, it's simple as that. Got to go now.

End Report