Science officer Lt. Somak log

Stardate : 2478.05.12

It's been a couple hours since I have ended the simulation about Captain Lowell's condition. If I were human... well, must admit that right now I would say I'm troubled. I have observed this insect, that I called Xrotopelecinid, was genetically engineered. By who, Captain Lowell didn't discover any clue has to who made that insect. Oh yes, she did arrive to the same conclusion that I did.

I'm adding my research to this report and also the one Captain Lowell gave me. From time to time, I'm surprised by the capacity of Human to surpass. I read Captain Lowell's biofile. Even if this one as a different history, it is interesting. A scientist, a tactical and security chief, and Captain. Her life experience made her resistant to this. Enough of this.

It's my opinion that this insect were genetically engineered, my hypothesis that those insects are an advance invasion force. Who ever put those on a planet they want and let those “bugs” like some human say, do the “Clean up!”. They must send some sort of virus to kill those bugs or maybe they are genetically engineered to die after a certain amount of time. This will need further study.

As for Captain Lowell, I'm curious to see where all this will lead to.

End report