Captain's log : Captain Thalia Ksour

Stardate : 2477.07.25

Compile REPORT

It would have been really surprising that this mission could be a simple case of salvaging a few ships. We joined the USS Ming'Tao near the sector where this graveyard of ships was. First analysis confirmed what we already knew, that there was no lifeforms on board. The first strange aspect of this was the area we were in, according to the scan, the graveyard for lack of better word was surrounded by a sort of low energy field. It didn't cause any problems what so ever for the Wolfheart to cross through, but we didn't. I played caution and wanted as much information. It was to everyone surprise and no warning that suddenly the Wolfheart was sucked inside. The Ming'Tao had remain at a safe distance to give us any assistance if needed. The Wolfheart didn't suffer to much, the crew also was fine, we maintened shield to avoid intruders and decided to continu our exploration and go further, explore the ships.

It was amazing to see all those ships, and even part of it. Here is the complete list of what we have found and scanned. The USS Saragossa, a Ferengi ship, Dominion, Suliban, even part of a Borg cube, luxans, and D'Rhag, Iconian and the USS Maryland that disappear over a hundred years ago, further out was also a Nor station, we scanned it and it seen like all the other ship, totally operational. I formed groups to explore first 3 ships. The USS Sarragosa, the Maryland, and the Iconian ship. Security went and check the part of the Borg cube to see if it posed any threat, and it didn't, they also went to the Dominion ship, and the Suliban, nothing out of the ordinary as well. The basic finding similar to all ships are this, the escape podds are all accounted for, the ships are operational, no dangerous organisms were found, no air lock open, no computer virus, nothing then this energy field surrounding us and the graveyard. The group started the quest of finding answers, it can sound easy but it wasn't. The last log entry of the Sarragosa seem to be that the crew was cut by surprise, and reveilled no answers as to where they were this pass 7 yrs. The Maryland, it was the same, but they did perform a scan, and there is a slight time differential. I decided to follow my instinct instead, and I went with the team to the Iconian ship. My thoughts went to a certain captain, long gone, that would have loved to be there, but there wasn't any time to play around.

When we entered we were welcomed by someone, which later I discovered to be Q, not the one in files but another one. He said to be trap there, which none of us believe but something told me that he said the truth. With is help we managed to translate the Iconian writing and discovered that we weren't the only one that tried to get answers, but now we had. We also discovered that this bubble shield of unknown origns was going to disappear and take us with it. The iconian had a plan to utilize the power of all the ships, and pierce that shield with a multiphase tachion pulse but with a certain variance that it would disrupt it and let us out. I send 4 teams, one to the USS Sarragosa, one to the Maryland, another to the Iconian ship and the other to the Dominion ship to reactivate the ships, and do the modification. Smaller teams were sent to the other ships to reactivate their warp drive and stick by us to follow us out. Wolfheart was the fifth ship and it was very limit that we were capable to get out of there, but the station seem to have disappear out of our range. Knowing the sector wasn't safe we left with our salvage back to Starbase Athena, other ships crew took over the the find. A congratulate all my crew for the fantastic and inventive job they have done, the science department most of all with the engineering department that put to work the plan.

End Report